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Dog Kennels for Emerald and Blackwater

Our team of experienced professionals are committed to providing

your pet with the best care, in the clinic or during their stay.


Since 1969, Emerald Veterinary Clinic and Boarding Kennels has served pet owners and their four-legged family members. Our experience allows us to provide you with pet care options and help you make an informed decision, whether you need pet vaccinations or pet surgery. Visit our clinic in Emerald today.

Caring Veterinary Services

No two pets are alike, so your dog or cat deserves customised care from focused and trained veterinary professionals. That’s the type of service all pets receive at Emerald Veterinary Clinic. Our team members love animals, and they commit to helping every pet that enters our office with compassion.

Our practice serves mainly small animals, and we offer all the diagnostic care and treatments your pet may need at any stage of life. Does your new puppy need pet vaccinations? We can keep him or her protected with this vital preventative health measure. Would you like desexing surgery for your beloved cat? Our veterinarians are trained in all pet surgery methods.

In short, your pet can receive full-service care at our clinic. We’ll perform a thorough evaluation every time your pet visits us. Bring him or her to our office for treatments such as:

  • Heartworm prevention prescriptions
  • Emergency veterinary care
  • Dental cleanings and evaluations
  • Behavioural evaluations
  • Nutritional recommendations

And of course we perform check-ups for pets who call Emerald home. Schedule your pet’s appointment today.

Convenient Cat Boarding and Dog Kennel Services

You trust us to care for your pet’s health, so leave your pet in our caring hands anytime you need temporary dog kennel or cat boarding services. Our location in Emerald can also accommodate pets from nearby areas, such as Blackwater.

During his or her stay, your pet will live comfortably in an air-conditioned kennel. We’ll feed him or her with nutritious meals and provide hands-on care so your pet feels loved. We welcome both short-term and long-term boarders.

Contact Our Clinic Today

Choose the friendly team at Emerald Veterinary Clinic and Boarding Kennels to care for your pet’s health. Book an appointment online, or call us on 07 4982 1555. We offer both daytime and after-hours emergency service.


From annual health checks and common ailments, to surgical and emergency procedures, we can treat a wide range of issues

Experience and clinical services matter! Together with our comprehensive suite of tools, our veterenarians are dedicated to providing quality diagnosis and treatment


Distemper & Parvovirus
Cat Flu & Cat FIV (AIDS)
Parasites – Intestinal & Heartworm


Dental extractions & scaling


Blood & Tissue analysis
Organ function assessment
Fecal & Urinalysis


Itchy Dog Syndrome
Smelly ears
External parasite control


Digital X-Ray


24/7 On-site veterinarian care

The Emerald Veterinary Clinic commenced operations in 1969,

providing quality animal health care and advice ever since.


Our secure, air-conditioned kennels comfortably house all cats and dogs

We cater for short and long term stays

Attached to the veterinary clinic, we provide 24hr on-site supervision



DOGS $28.00 per day *  Hydrobath $20.00

CATS  $25.00 per day *

* Per day is defined as any time on first day up to 10am the following day

Further information about our kennels

Our feline and canine guests are housed individually, in separate areas
Larger kennels are available to house dogs from the same household with one another
Bedding and meals are included in daily charge
Adult dogs are fed once a day, puppies more frequently
Adult cats and kittens are fed twice a day
We are happy to cater for special requirements (e.g. dietary, medication)
Dogs are exercised daily
We service the kennels twice a day to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness and health
Day boarding available